How long has Richard A. Service Carpentry Inc.?

Richard A. Carpentry Inc. was founded in 2000. Its owner Richard A. Manage your business to this day, having a broad knowledge in the industry with carpentry services. That professional knowledge and passion for his home, and our industry, is the common thread that unites all employees of Richard A. Carpentry Inc.. Richard A. Carpentry Inc. serves the entire Washington area.

What do we do in Richard A. Carpentry Service Inc.?

Richard A. Carpentry Service Inc. is a full service carpentry. If you are outside your home, we will! We have expertise in design and installation. We also offer exclusive designs of windows, doors, ceilings, floors, garage doors and accessories. Count on our service.

Why is Richard A. Carpentry Service Inc. different?

Most people want to know how we differ from other companies carpenter. Our customers have told us that we are different in many ways. Here are some of them:
- Make a diagnosis before bidding. Before you make a proposal, we made a diagnosis of materials to use at home.
- The buck stops here. We took possession of the whole project. We ask for your product, deliver it, install it, manage the project and inspect all the way. If something is wrong, fix it. The end result is a smooth process painless for our client.
- We focus on our strengths. Richard A. Carpentry Inc. By focusing solely on our carpentry business, we remain true to our customers, skill, courage, and our brand.
- We provide information from your project whenever you need it. Richard A. Carpentry Inc. provides status updates of your project online.
- What you hear is what you get prices. So, our proposals include everything that we hear will include. Our proposals offer full details of the product you're getting, and installation services. No surprise, after the facts failures or price increases with a proposal Richard A. Carpentry Inc.

Is the price I was quoted the final price or hidden fees?

The price has been quoted is the price you will pay. Richard A. Carpentry Inc. does not believe in hiding anything from you. Never be surprised that no charges have been made aware and have not authorized.

What type of warranty is offered by Richard A. Carpentry Inc.

Richard A. Carpentry Inc. provides a limited lifetime warranty Manpower in all work performed. Our warranty is even transferable. Please be assured that all products we install will be backed by a full manufacturer's warranty.

Does Richard A. Carpentry Inc. have insurance?

Richard A. Carpentry Inc. has a $ 2 million of the general policy of liability insurance with full coverage workers compensation covering everyone from the first to the last working at home. You will be provided a copy of our insurance certificate.

Who will supervise my project?

Your project manager Richard A. Carpentry Inc. is there for something other than walk the walk and pre final. He is your main contact for all phases. It will give you the number of your project manager cell phone so you can contact him whenever you have the urge. Your project manager will conduct inspections of all phases of your project from start to finis

I can trust my house workers?

Definitely, yes! Richard A. Carpentry Inc. is a drug-free workplace. We have collected what we think are the best people to join our team of home improvement. All our employees and installers to participate in ongoing technical training to ensure that current standards are being followed. Richard A. Carpentry Inc. creates a good working environment through a steady job, good wages and benefits and a stable company profile. All this contributes to healthy and happy motivated workers who are there to serve you.

Richard A. Carpentry Inc. require any money up front?

Normally, Richard A. Carpentry Inc. requires no down payment. You pay nothing until your project is 100% complete and you are satisfied completely. The only time a deposit is requested when you are ordering the doors, windows or anything special order or customized. Then only require a deposit equal to one third of the contract.

Richard A. Carpentry Inc. provides financing plan?

Richard A. Carpentry Inc. has a wide variety of financing options to offer. With 6 months or 12 months without interest or finance charges, Richard A. Carpentry Inc. can get the funding they need to complete their project today. It's quick and easy, and you can usually get approval the same day.

We Offer Custom Plans. Contact Us For More Info.